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The Quickest Way
To Make Money On Earth©

                      By Martin Thomas

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Over 5 years ago, my wife Cassie and I were living a fairly routine life. As a manager for a reasonably large insurance company which was a Global corporate citizen, we were doing OK. My wife didn’t have to work, but money was tight most, if not all of the time. My hours were long and I didn’t have much time or money to enjoy what life had to offer.

One sunny afternoon, my buddies and I were having a few cold beers on Geoff’s newly built sun deck and the 5 of us were talking about all sorts of things, but in particular the topic of conversation centered around an inter-office email I had received among the managers pc’s. The email was a link to a download of a book that one of the managers, Paul, had received over the internet. He was freely sharing it with the rest of us and I was interested enough to
download it myself. I had read it the previous night and was telling my buddies about it this sunny day over 5 years ago.

I could tell I was switching on lights when I talked about the ideas in this book written by a guy named Hayden Muller. Beasley and Geoff in particular lead the charge and wanted me to elaborate on what I had previously said. I relayed the ideas as best as I could remember them and they all seemed to take a lot of interest, so I offered to email them all a copy.

The next day, I got 5 phone calls from 5 different friends, all with the same opinion. They wanted to try this.

The book was about compounding capital. Simply put, the idea was to find opportunities that were priced below intrinsic value and profetize the excess on a systematic basis.

More on this later, but we were all, at that time very interested in the merit of this book. I visited my accountant in the middle of that week on an unrelated matter and ran passed him some of the idea’s. The first thing he said when I mentioned it was “oh, off the internet” Implying it couldn’t be worth the time to consider. I was challenged by this attitude and persisted. I talked about leverage and compounding rates of 200% by accessing excess intrinsic value that was everywhere. I talked about “economies of scale” and common mis-pricings of intrinsic value. I was slowly starting to convince him on especially a few points and he seemed to suddenly get interested.

He wanted to read the book too. Kevin my accountant told me that he felt if I really wanted his opinion that he should take a look at it first before making any statements about the usefulness of the book in his professional capacity.

The biggest claim the book made, that excited as well as made me cautious was that if you followed the principles, you will get the same results. The author claimed that 1 million dollars was only the first step and not particularly difficult. To me, at the time $1 million dollars may as well have been a billion, the idea that I could be a millionaire in as little as 12 months was beyond my capacity to imagine with any serious contemplation. This attitude delayed my excellent current lifestyle today by well over 4 months, but as they say, better late then never.

Later that week, I got an unexpected call from Kevin, my accountant. (I really didn’t expect he would download and read the book) His demeanor had changed regarding the principles in the book and he spoke with guarded professionalism. Kevin told me that the principles were sound as far as his professional opinion was concerned. He agreed with the books premise that all real wealth is created this way and that it was, he conceded possible for anyone to do this.

He finished with a caveat that basically pointed to what I
already knew. Namely, it’s one thing to know how to do something and a totally different story to actually put it into practice. Not because the principles don’t work, but because people are emotional creatures and don’t act like robots, so his professional opinion was that the book spelled out how to do it, but it didn’t mean that I would succeed if I tried it. I wasn’t slighted by this seeming reflection on my capacities, because I understood what he was trying to say. - Just because you know how, it doesn’t guarantee that you will. this whole book right now, you can read it offline anytime you like.
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Month’s passed and the heavy mortgage Cass and I took on a year previously had been smothering our lifestyle.

Kevin’s professional opinion seemed to have a numbing effect on my initial excitement. He placed himself squarely in the middle, there-by neutralizing my initial challenging attitude.

He said yes, it’s possible based on what he read! I lost my will to fight him on any areas of the book and my understanding was very tentative. He said yes, its possible but it doesn’t mean YOU will succeed. He told me exactly what I needed to hear to forget the
whole thing and never think about it again.

If he shot holes in the arguments “Muller” had made, then I would have had ammunition to debate with him. I could have re-read the book and found evidence to back up my understanding of the principles. But instead, he simply committed his professional opinion as an accountant that this book had merit but not to hold my breath, that I would actually make it work. I couldn’t really fight that.

It was a neutral argument. It was an argument based on “probability” not facts.

The book was nevertheless a new idea for me. A simple and direct path to exactly what I really want....results! I have been side tracked in my life more times then I care to think about. Always some angle, some particularly attractive advantage that makes you act, even though if you assessed the opportunity on its own merits, you would have never taken a first step much less gone any further.

It’s that which I needed, a new idea and this is what is available to you today.

A new idea changes everything and this will more then likely change everything for you.

Keep reading to learn what happened next...

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...or download this whole book right now, you can read it offline anytime you like.

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